Sopian Sitepu & Partners

Our Law Firm is ready to serve various legal consultations and solutions in all aspects of law in Indonesia. To that end, we have fostered and constantly upgraded our network with several Professors in enriching the legal norms and techniques of legal discovery based on legal science so that each of our studies and analysis of the various problems that occur is formed in a comprehensive manner based on the applicable law.

Sopian Sitepu & Partners Office

Services that are provided by our Law Firm generally cover legal aspects as follows: criminal, civil, state and constitutional fields. Specifically covers the areas of land, employment, business, property, marriage, property, corporate legality, fraudulent competition, etc.

Practically, We are always ready to regularly review and draft contracts, compile legal opinions, arrange the necessary troubleshooting steps both for personal gain and for business progress of our clients.

In the business field, from the establishment of a business and any legal business run by the company.

Every company must have a legal document to be legitimate and justified by law so that it can run its business activities. Various forms of business enterprises, including: individuals (PO), Firma, CV, PT, Cooperatives and SOEs. Companies can not run the business if they do not have complete legality documents.

The key to a company's success includes business contracts made with others. Any good contract should be structured in the correct format and the content should become the law for the party that created it.

Our Law Offices can help to establish appropriate contracts under applicable legal rules known as "contract drafting".

In order for the business to run guaranteed of legal certainty, initial steps to be taken should be informed by the Lawyer Team through legal opinion to avoid misconducts and shortcomings.

In addition, it may be that at some point, a company intends to merge, acquire or consolidate with another company. The Lawyer team can also provide suggestions or recommendations for the necessary business actions.

The success of a company's business at one time may also be followed by fraudulent or unfair competition from another business actor or group of business actors. Therefore, with the help of a Lawyer Team, we can assist the company in addressing the problem and reporting to KPPU which must be accompanied by an Advocate.

At one time, the company may not be able to afford to pay debst and need to postpone its debt obligation, the Lawyer Team could help arrange the deferral pace. Even if the company will experience bankruptcy, then under the Bankruptcy Act, any bankruptcy process of a person or company shall be accompanied by an Advocate.

Currently, by having a special legal counsel or Lawyer Team made our lives and business calm and secure. This kind of benchmark of thought has almost plagued large countries and for entrepreneurs who have realized the importance of legal counseling. To this end, the need for legal services becomes an "urgent" matter whose solution can be transferred to the Lawyer Team so that for those who understand, there is no act that can be made except with the approval of the Lawyer Team.

Our Mission

SOFIAN SITEPU & PARTNERS is dedicated to serve legal services needs in the form of legal consultations and facilitation of any legal issues faced in litigation and non-litigation.

The Law Office SITEPU & PARTNERS always put forward the applicable law as a solution while upholding the ethics and professionalism in the legal services provided.

For our law office, each Client has an equal standing in the eyes of the law and has equal right in the eyes of law without distinction of its tribe, religion and origin. For that, we always try to give confidence and trust to every Client in order to give best solution for legal problem faced.

We hereby serve as advisors, mentors and facilitators. We aim to provide the best service and best for the satisfaction, peace and trust of the Client. Client Trust is our main capital, so We are always committed to keep our clients problem confidential.

We believe that the Client's trust to work with the Legal Counsel or to have a Legal Counsel of their own that can provide peace of mind for their life and their business is like a long-term "investment" of life.

We hope that by becoming a Personal or Corporate Advocate Legal Counsel can increase confidence and ensure legal certainty in the endeavor so that every step taken in life and business can succeed successfully and in accordance with applicable law.


Every human being needs justice and obtains legal certainty in his/her life, so We always strive to help create justice for every Client on the legal issues faced, and increase Client's trust despite many obstacles and obstacles that always haunt such fraudulent business competition.

If we succeed, not infrequently there are jealousy on the progress of our lives and business. For that, armed with the truth, no need to fear in reaching justice that stems to the rule of law. Therefore, We strive to act swiftly and quickly for any legal issues facing our Clients.