Sopian Sitepu & Partners Services

Our Law Firm provides general and complete legal services including:

Dispute resolution:

  • Common Crime (fraud & embezzlement, abuse, extortion, counterfeiting etc.);

  • Special Crime (criminal offense, banking offense, election offense and so forth);

  • Civil (lawsuit against law, debts, leases and others);

  • Religious Courts (divorce lawsuits, joint property claims, heirs dispute, heir stipend etc.);

  • Service on Health Legal Issues;

Industrial Relations Dispute Settlement;

  • Country Administration (retrenchment of State Officers, cancellation of TUN's decision letter made and / or issued by TUN's body / office, etc.).

  • Legal Drafting (agreement / contract / MoU, credit agreement, sale and purchase agreement, lease agreement, cooperation agreement, guarantee agreement (contractual right), contract review, legal opinion and so on.

Arbritrase and Dispute Resolution Alternatives;

Constitutional Court;

Supreme Court;

Contract Services

It is the legal services of Sopian Sitepu & Partners, where we will assist clients in making agreements or other legal documents and also analyze the draft agreement / legal documents submitted by other parties.

Non-Litigation Services

It is the legal services of Sopian Sitepu & Partners, where we will assist in resolving legal issues owned by clients by way of negotiation with related parties as well as other efforts outside the court of law to obtain settlement of the legal matter.

Litigation Services

It is the legal services provided by Sopian Sitepu & Partners, where we will assist the client in solving their legal problems by filing them through the Court to obtain a settlement of the case.

Law Consultancy Services

We Provide legal consultations to clients on legal cases such as criminal cases, civil cases, accounts payable, land disputes, inheritance dispute disputes, family disputes, divorce, marriage, State Administrative Dispute (TUN), and etc.